The Members´ Club

Be part of our journey

Join our exclusive Members´ Club and save 15% on your stay at The Orange House Boutique Hotel.  With limited availability, our members will

also benefit from a discount of 15% Upstairs in our Rooftop Bar.

Choose from our 3 different memberships, Silver, Gold or Platinum, depending on when you’d most like to stay with us. Each package allows the guest a 15% discount on their room rate and all purchases Upstairs for 10 nights.  There´s no time limit on using your discount and there´s no minimum stay.  Once you´ve used your 10 nights you’ll then have the option to upgrade to our VIP annual membership and benefit from a 15% discount with unlimited stay.  

Our Member´s Club discount is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Only rooms booked by and occupied by our members will be eligible for the discount.   All purchases made Upstairs must be paid for by the member and the 15% discount only applies when staying at the hotel.

15% Discount


10 nights stay, plus all purchases Upstairs in our Rooftop Bar during each of your 10 nights stay
with us at The Orange House Boutique Hotel.

Click on your Members ́ Club Card for more information

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